Meeting with Chief of Staff of Minister Aisén Etcheverry


On April 21st, 2023, NGO INNOVARTE met with Enrique Riobo, Chief of Staff of Aisén Etcheverry, current Minister of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation. The meeting was attended by Luis Villarroel, NGO INNOVARTE’s Director and our Lawyer, Mariana Fernández.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the work being done by Innovarte for a balanced Intellectual Property system. First, the study “Exceptions to copyright, text and data mining and artificial intelligence” prepared by Dr. Marcela Palacio, was presented. The study shows the need to incorporate in Chilean legislation a regulation that allows text and data mining for research purposes, thus solving the issues raised by copyright when the law does not provide exceptions for the use of information for research purposes.

Afterwards, Innovarte took the opportunity to share its work in the promotion of collaborative technology platforms, such as the WHO’s COVID-19 Access Pool (C-TAP). The report on a qualitative study conducted by the NGO in 2022, which analyzed, through interviews and focus groups, the level of participation and knowledge of the C-TAP initiative by research and innovation institutions in different Latin American countries, was presented.

Lastly, Innovarte proposed to initiate a joint work with the Ministry through a workshop on C-TAP with technology managers, participants (IP) and actors of the R&D&I ecosystem.