About us

NGO INNOVARTE was founded in 2008 with the support of the Ford Foundation to promote a balanced system of Intellectual Property regulations that protect access to knowledge, innovation and healthcare.

Thanks to contributions from international donors such as the OPEN SOCIETY INSTITUTE, UNITAID, PEARLS and others, NGO INNOVARTE currently carries out consultations, projects and other activities aimed at capacity building and legal initiatives at the national and global level related to the intersection of intellectual property regulations and access to health, knowledge and innovation.

Among its contributions to the public interest, Innovarte’s role in the negotiation and adoption of the WIPO Marrakesh Treaty for the benefit of persons with disabilities, the drafting of treaty proposals for the rights of libraries, archives, museums and education within the World Intellectual Property Organization are noteworthy.

In the area of healthcare and intellectual property, our NGO has contributed to the reform of Chilean patent law to facilitate the use of flexibilities, as well as the processing of compulsory license applications for hepatitis C and COVID-19 treatments.   At the regional level, we’re emphasizing dissemination and training to participate in the WHO’s Covid Technology Access Pool (C-TAP), as well as legal reforms to make compulsory licensing and government use feasible.  It is currently participating as a stakeholder in the negotiation process of the International Treaty on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response.


Our mission is to build capacity to design, understand and apply a balanced system of intellectual property rules that promote the economic and social development of peoples, based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


NGO INNOVARTE builds a global scenario, with emphasis on Latin America, in which intellectual property rights are designed, understood, exercised and respected in a way that encourages innovation and creativity, promoting access to knowledge without discrimination in an effective and efficient manner.

Our Coallitions

A2K –  Access to Knowledge

CIFA- Covid Innovations  for All- Access to Health



Luis Villarroel

  • Founder and Director • info@innovarte.cl

Lawyer – U. Chile; Master of Laws, Washington College of Law, American University. Consultant. Arbitrator of the NIC CHILE Dispute Resolution Center. Law Professor. Former Minister of the Industrial Property Court of Chile. Former IP Advisor to the Chilean Ministry of Education. Former Consultant of the IDB Legal Department. Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of D. A. WIPO 2008, among others.

Andrea Aguilar

  • Advisor • coordinacion@innovarte.cl

Sociologist with a postgraduate degree in Diversity and Public Policy from the IAP of the University of Chile. Master’s candidate in Government, Public Policy and Territory. Extensive experience with local and central governments in the research, design and implementation of social policies, programs and projects. Her research and interests have led her to develop experiences and projects in community participation, gender, diversity and culture.

Mariana Fernández

  • Lawyer • mariana@innovarte.cl

Lawyer and mediator at the University of Diego Portales; Scholar of Academic Excellence. Professional experience in law firms in the areas of Civil Law, Intellectual Property, Labor, Real Estate, Corporate and Family Law; NIC Arbitration proceedings, processing and investigation related to the right to access to health care and knowledge.

Lorena Ortega

  • Coordination • contacto@innovarte.cl

Lawyer with more than 15 years of experience in family law and family court. Accounting skills; project control and management; financial reporting; client administration and management.

Marianela Delor

  • External Advisor •

Doctor of Law and Social Sciences from the University of the Republic of Uruguay; Director of the National Directorate of Industrial Property of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining of Uruguay (DNPI). Legal Advisor to the Department of Human and Material Resources of the Montevideo City Council. Advisor to the Presidency of the Republic of Uruguay.

Javier Llamoza

  • External Advisor •

Pharmaceutical chemist, with postgraduate studies at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Maros, ESAN and Universidad de Lima, former dean of the College of Pharmaceutical Chemists of Lima, full member of the National Health Council 2021-2023; researcher; author of the book “A cinco años del TLC con EE.UU.: ¿Quién va ganando?” (Five years after the Free Trade Agreement with the United States: Who is winning?), 2015 and “Estado Situacional de la Depresión en el Perú” (“The Current State of Depression in Peru”), 2022. Consultant for Gobierna Consultores, Medicine Patent Pool, Fio Cruz, Oxfam, IFARMA, USAID, among others.

Luis Salcedo

  • International Consultant •

Lawyer and Specialist in Administrative Law of the Pontifical Javeriana University of Colombia. Consultant and litigator in new technologies, competition law, economic regulation, data protection, consumer protection and intellectual property. Professor. Member of the Colombian Association of Legal Tech.