On Tuesday, January 24th, 2023, NGO INNOVARTE, had a meeting with Camilo Perez and Felipe Vera from the Undersecretariat of Public Health. On that occasion, several strategic issues that NGO INNOVARTE and other civil society organizations are working on today were discussed, such as issues related to intellectual property and access to health.

In this regard, Luis Villarroel, Director of NGO INNOVARTE, stressed the importance of the government creating a focal point to oversee international initiatives such as the COVID-19 Technology Access Pool (C-TAP), a WHO initiative, which already has technologies contributed by Spain and the United States. In addition, the importance of Chile’s participation in the negotiations of the WHO INB in relation to the Pandemic Treaty was emphasized.

At the national level, attention was drawn to the lack of progress of bills that regulate the application of flexibilities to intellectual property in Chile, such as the Pharmaceuticals Bill 2, Bulletin Nº 9914-11, and the bill that regulates access to non-voluntary licenses in the event of pandemics: Bulletin Nº 13572-11.