On December 29th, 2022, AIS Peru and NGO INNOVARTE sent a letter to Dr. Rosa Gutierrez Palomino, Minister of Health of Peru, highlighting the importance of the government of Peru adopting measures to promote the implementation of collaborative platforms such as the COVID-19 Technology Access Pool (C-TAP), an initiative of the World Health Organization.

C-TAP has been operating since 2020 as a collaborative platform that seeks to implement a new non-exclusive and transparent licensing model in which scientific collaboration is the axis, especially, in critical moments such as pandemics.

The letter recommends and considers the establishment and provision of a focal point headed by a coordinator whose role would be to implement platforms such as C-TAP. In addition, it was stated that there is a need for the organization of a coordination table that brings together institutions that finance research and development of health technologies as well as research centers.

Inequity in access to medical technologies for middle- and low-income countries continues to be evident and the need for platforms such as C-TAP to be strongly encouraged through public policies that foster collaborative science, especially in times of crisis, remains relevant.