On March 24th, 2023, NGO INNOVARTE met with Senator Felipe Kast’s legislative team to discuss the concerns and to discuss the organization’s concerns and objectives related to Access to Health, Access to Knowledge and Protection of Free Competition.

The meeting was attended by Oscar Morales, Legislative Advisor to Senator Kast and representatives of NGO Innovarte: Luis Villarroel, Director; Mariana Fernández, Lawyer, and Andrea Aguilar, Consultant of NGO INNOVARTE.

The event was marked by the presentation of Luis Villarroel, who made an overview of the work of the organization, in particular, the current situation in Chile and the world on the protection of free competition and the potential abuse of digital platforms in the market. Regarding access to health, we addressed the need to work towards the implementation of incentives that promote the participation of technology transfer centers in collaborative platforms such as the COVID-19 Technology Access Pool (C-TAP), which is a WHO initiative.

Finally, the need for a regulation that adopts the necessary flexibility for access to knowledge and the use of tools derived from Artificial Intelligence such as Text and Data Mining was discussed. NGO INNOVARTE thanked the Senator’s team for their interest.