In order to promote the use of platforms such as WHO’s C-TAP

On December 21st, 2022, NGO INNOVARTE submitted a letter to the Ministries of Health of Chile and Uruguay following up on the last communication sent in October of this year in which a series of recommendations for the implementation of the WHO C-TAP were proposed.

The letter specifies the need for governments to promote a new model in the development and distribution of health technologies that is not based on exclusive rights and non-transparent licenses. The authority is urged to work for a global public policy that encourages collaboration between researchers, developers and producers in order to accelerate innovation processes and facilitate equitable access to key medical products.

For all of the above, it is necessary to work to generate incentives for researchers, developers and producers that choose to contribute to collaborative technology platforms such as C-TAP. This would enable, among other things, countries to be granted autonomy in the production of health technologies incorporated in C-TAP, thereby reducing the price of these technologies.