Last March 15th, Luis Villarroel, NGO INNOVARTE’s Director, spoke at the third meeting of the 43rd version of the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights of the World Intellectual Property Organization.

The Director’s intervention referred to the need to support proposals such as those of the African Group for a draft work program on exceptions and limitations:

These were our Director’s words:

“Mr. Chairman,

As demonstrated by the work of this Committee since 2004, the defense of copyright and the fulfillment of its objectives of promoting creativity and broadcasting works as well as protecting human rights requires appropriate and robust exceptions and limitations on behalf of the public interest and the creative process itself. However, as also shown by studies, seminars and exchange of experiences, the current copyright system, starting with the WIPO copyright of 1996, has progressed in the adoption of new rights for companies and authors or artists but has neglected to clarify the limits that are necessary at a global level or permissible at a national level. The lack of mandates to adopt exceptions for education, libraries and research affects effectiveness and legitimacy worldwide.

In this context, we congratulate the African Group’s proposal, which provides us with a clear plan of action to advance in the fulfillment of the exceptions agenda proposed in 2004 and in the 2012 General Assembly Mandate. The African Group’s proposal lights the way for new successes such as the one achieved in Marrakech 10 years ago.”